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Industrial Supplies / Machinery

  Dear sir or madam, Hi, I am from Indonesia we are looking for float level switch brand parker of : 1. JF302T 2. JC7SD Look forward to hearing fr
[NG] Hydraulic Notching Machine 8-17
  I am looking for 3 Axis 1500mm Width 8000kg Hydraulic Notching Machine , can you help me with my need. I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.
  Dear Sales Team, Greetings from Shahin International Commercial Agencies! We have requirements from one of our customers and request you to ki
[PK] ss401 steel plates, steel coils 8-2
  Please price cfr karachi including 1% betterdeals commission : SS 410 Coils 4.5x1524, No.1 finish, MTC & FTA required, Prompt shipment China Ori
  Dear Sirs, You are kindly requested to submit your offer against our attached inquiry. For more information, Please don’t hesitate to contact us.
[US] Gravel Crusher Machine 8-1
  I will like you to furnish me the price of the following: Gravel crusher machine Excavator CAT 320, Bulldozer CAT D8L, Bulldozer CAT D6, Com
[LR] Gold mining equipment 7-29
  Pouvez- vous aider,celui qui veut se lancer dans l'extraction d'or,possedant unEspace potentiellement riche enOr ,espace tres montagneux,avec diverse
[IN] N52 magnet 7-29
  Materials Needed: NdFeB Magnets Grade: N52 Size: 60×16×5(L ×W×H) Quantity: 200 Other information: we required certificate and delivery as soon as
[IN] flour mill 7-28
  we are running flour mill with plate mission, Beter that do you have any other mission. and we have expect from mission Fine powder quality like mydha
[BR] CNC Spiral tube making machine 7-28
  Dear All! My name is and I'd like to know a bit more about this machine please send me a catalogue to
[IR] DISA Vertical Flaskless Molding Line for Casting Iron productio 7-28
  Dear Madam/Sir,Good day.We are the largest manufacturer of elevator and escalator parts in the Middle East.We have a casting facility in-house and hav
  Dear Sirs, You are kindly requested to submit your offer against our below inquiry. parrts for pellegrini pedestal crane models : CHCD 520
[] Waste water treatment plant 7-21
  Hi I want full details about reusable output fertilizer from waste water treatment plant Regards
[] Solar water heater pipes 7-21
  Hi I want to establish a modern plant for producing different types of Solar water heater pipes New ideas are appreciated Warm Regards
[VU] kava grinding mill 7-19
  I want grinding mill for kava. It's like a manioc. It's dry and ready to grand to make powder. 2kg/hour
[TG] Metal Laser Cutting Machnine 7-19
  What is the FOB price on your JQ YAG-500W Metal Laser Cutting Machnine? Bonjour je suis un menuisier c'est pour cela que je vous rejoins ici pour a
[US] Excavator CAT 320 7-18
  I will like you to furnish me the price of the following: Excavator CAT 320, Bulldozer CAT D8L, Bulldozer CAT D6, Compressors 300L, Drill Wag
[IN] chilli hammer mill 7-14
  We are looking for 'Hammer Mill '. Specification : Hammer mill for chilli powder Quantity Required : 1 Requirement Type: One time Requirement Pr
[TH] Jaw plate for Jaw crusher 7-11
  Dear all, Request quotation Jaw plate for Jaw crusher PE250x400 per detail as below. We need only quotation for Jaw plate of Jaw crusher.
[US] Full line tablet production Machine 7-10
  Hello, Our company needs a full line tablet production machine line that consists of: 1: Rotary Tablet press machine-Output 100,000 to 120,000 per h
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