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Medicine / Cosmetics

[] Membrane for blood Dialysis 8-10
  Hi, I am working on developing a new hemodialysis system for purification of blood. I am looking for following information about hemodialysis membra
[CY] face MASK 7-10
  e would like to thank you for your email. Really, we appreciate it a lot that you are interesting to supply these products and to export meanwhile
[PK] Heparin Sodium Injection 7-7
  I want to import Heparin Sodium Injection, 5ml vial´╝îpls tell me your MOQ
[AR] nitrile glove 7-6
  - Nitrile glove 100% in black and blue. We are looking to buy 100, 000 PCS at the price of 18 USD per carton. In case you cannot meet these conditi
[US] Medical White Latex Gloves 5,000,000 pc 7-4
  Please quote Medical White Latex Gloves 5,000,000 pcs CIF Mombasa. Payment Terms: OA, DP.
[TW] urine bag with check-vale 6-30
  We need urine bag with check-vale. Please provide quotation and detail photo (enlarge the valve part). Please send to email.
[US] Looking for Pharmaceutical Products and Medicines 6-28
  We are looking for treatments of many diseases for example, Leukemia, Dementia, Seizures, Osteoporosis, Anemia associated with chronic kidney disease,
[US] Looking for Pharmaceutical Products and Medicines 6-28
  We are looking for immunosuppressant, PrEP, HPV vaccines, COVID-19 vaccines and treatments for COVID-19, cancers, HCV, HIV, Alzheimer's disease, demen
[] Scissor Tweezer - modified 6-20
  We wish to know whether your company can produce/fabricate scissor tweezer. Below are the requirements :- Product : Modified Scissor Tweezer
[NG] Need to buy 5m/10ml syringe with Needles 6-16
  Dear Sir, We are looking for manufactures/ suppliers of 5ml/10ml disposable syringe with needles to contact us directly for immediate business transa
[DZ] Diptubes Plastic Dip Tubes 6-14
  hiwe are about to set up a blood bag production line, please send me your catalogue and prices to ?Best Regards
[NG] Need to Surgical Scissors 6-13
[CN] Looking for Medical Products from Australia 6-10
  covidien bis 186-0106 100boxes 125035 200boxes 125037 300boxes 8886848813 300boxes 8888145014 300boxes 8888145015 300boxes CL-914? ? 300bo
[CN] Looking for Medical Products from Japn 6-10
  Hi , Mainly need about the belows from Japan : 26mm*30cm 175426P HEMASHIELD 30MM*30CM 175430P HEMASHIELD 32mm*30cm 175432P HEMASHIELD D:26*10mm L
[CN] Looking for Medical Products from Asia 6-10
  Dear , I am looking for Quill sutures 118-40 118-75M RA-1052Q 50BOXES RA-1012Q 50BOXES YA-1023Q 50BOXES VL-P2006 100BOXES VLM-1008 10
[] DENTAL products 6-7
  Dear Sir or Madam! I am from Uzbekistan. I have DENTAL Trading company . I have very big interest to your all DENTAL products. I h
[US] Nasal Cannula 5-24
  Looking to buy Nasal Cannula O2/EtCO2 with threaded nut or conventional Barb O2 fittings. Similar to Salter Labs. Please reply to email and put Nasa
[MX] Cosmetic Eyeshadow Palette 5-23
  Hi , my name is from Republic Cosmetics in Mexico... could you be so kind to contact me at to talk about this project please? My name is Paloma, P
[IQ] gauze diff size , Bandage,Surgical Swabs 5-12
  Band aid 2.2" x 2.2 cm ( pack of 100) Pk. 127,464 Band aid 7.5" x 1.9 cm ( pack of 100) Pk. 141,109 adhesive medical tape for sensitive skin size1
[LK] Medical Examination Nitrile gloves 5-10
  We need medical examination nitrile gloves Large lots need On the ground USA only We need high brands
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