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[PL] A7 and A8 aluminum 5-7
  Good morning. I am looking for A7 and A8 aluminum - 100,000 tons per month. What is your price and payment terms? Do you cooperate with brokers? Gre
[KE] Gold Purchase 4-18
  Hello, I am looking for 22k-24k gold bars. Around 5kg. Kindly contact.
[IT] Power Meter 3-21
  Key features: Wireless Protocol 2.4 GHz / IEEE 802.11 or LAN port Data Update interval 5 second High accuracy ±0.5% F.S. (0.5 Class) API interface
[] Light Cycle Oil 3-11
  Dear Sir, We have an enquiry for Light Cycle Oil (LCO). Could you please send us your contact number to discuss about this issue. Thank you.
[CA] Palm Oil 2-27
  I want to buy 90 Mt palm Olein cooking oil. Please share me your price.
[NG] Mining partnership mining of lithium, coal, copper and Mica 2-23
  Greatings We are looking for a company to partner in mining of lithium, coal, copper and Mica, if you are interested feel free to contact us on
[KE] EN590 2-20
  We are looking for a refinery that can work with us in the supply of Diesel EN590-10PPM 100000mt x 12 contract CIF Beira Mozambique.
[] Raw Gold Dust/Quartz 12-5
  We are seeking for the raw gold dust/quartz with purity of 20-100 grams or 10-50 oz per ton. If available, please quote 100 tons CIF China Qingdao Por
[] Raw Gold Dust or Quartz 12-4
  We are seeking for the product with purity of 20-100 gram/ton from overseas market. If available wit you, please quote CIF China Qingdao Port for 100
[] Looking for HMS 1 &2 Scrap Metal 11-7
  Greetings, We are looking to source HMS 1&2 Scrap Metal in both rail scrap metal and non rail scrap metal. Our minimum order will be 1000 metric to
[] Manufacturer Partner 9-28
  Dear Sir, We have a complete building ready for manufacturing with 3,550 sq. Meter. Also, there are 400 sq. Meter with two floors – ground floor & f
[] Copper Wire Scrap Required 8-15
  COMMODITY Copper Wire Scrap (Millberry) ORDER #1 Trial Order; 20 MT One-Year Order: 12,000 MT (1,000 MT/Mon x 12 Mon), with possible R&E to 3 Year
[MY] Aluminium Ingots & Bilets 8-11
  Hi, We would like to inquire for these items below:- We needs the samples for our client to do testing:- 2 sections of 45 cm of 7” billet in 6060
[VN] SIC Graphite -Silicon Carbide composite tubes used seals 7-7
  Dear Sir/ Madam I'm Cuong from Viet Nam Material H . Our company needs to buy Graphite -Silicon Carbide composite tubes used seals (bearings, bus
[IN] grinding stone 6-27
  There is an inquiry regarding products grinding stone. Below is the details of Buyer: Mobile - +91
[CY] Gold Bars and Gold Bullion 6-21
  We want gold bars CIF. Send your price and procedure to g mail dot com
[MX] softwares and equipment 6-13
  please see the picture
[EE] purchase titanium oxide 6-10
  hello dear do you produce titanium oxide i want to purchase 3 20ft container
[DE] EN590 5-31
  Dear Sir, We are looking for EN590 10 ppm. 100000 MT x 12 months CIF South East Asia Please quote supply terms and price. Thank you.
[IN] scrap motor alternators 5-29
  sir i need scrap motor alternators can you send me the details quatation no my email
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