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[HU] artificial date palm tree 8-2
  Hello, May I ask, how much is it cost the about 5 meter tall High-Quality Ornamental Plants Green Artificial Date Palm Tree For Outdoor Garden Decorat
[AE] red onions 7-29
  Product Name: Red Onion Style: Fresh Size: 55 mm to 65 mm Quantity Required: 5 X 40 Feet Reefer Container Packing terms: 18 Kg red mesh bag Desti
[] SOYABEAN 4-27
  We BUY - NON-GMO SOYABEAN ( also, it's need to gmo offer - if supplier have quota) 2) origin - Brazil (or seller's option) 3) demanded quantit
  Wheat Soft and Hard 300,000MT X MONTH X 12 MONTHS
[US] NON-GMO Soybean (Animal) 4-23
  NON-GMO Soybean (Animal) 100,000MT X MONTH X 12 MONTHS
[US] NON-GMO Soybean (Human) 4-23
  Non-GMO Soybean (Human)
[TG] grain 4-18
  Dear Sir/Madam, We are buyer and distributors of all kind of, Mineral water, Edible Salt, Cement, Rice, Sugar, Jaggery Powder, Beans, and also we
[RU] ginger 4-7
  The Russian company is looking for a supplier of ginger on an ongoing basis. Monthly shipments start from 20 tons. Further increase in volumes. Pl
[AU] hemp seeds 3-30
  is this the comercial hemp seed with no cbd oil used to grow hemp for clothing eating etc can you please send me a sample my email
[NG] NTRT, A ALGAE IN 1000KG 3-24
  Dear Supplier, Can you kindly provide pricing for the below item? NTRT, A ALGAE IN 1000KG NEUTRALITE,A MARINE ALGAE IN 1000 KG BAG,93.64% CAR
[PE] fertilizer UREA N46 3-15
  no image provided I request a quote FOB price UREA N 46 Industrial Fertilizer Quantity: 30,000Tm each month Packaging: 50Kg bags. Transport: Ma
[US] Mango 3-15
  We need a company that can supply Mango to us. Please reply with your specification and product photos Reply to thomasfriehman(at)gmail(dot)com
[EG] yellow corn 3-14
  HOW ARE YOU DOING We want to import 100,000 tons of yellow corn for the animal first class CiF DAIMITTA PORT - EGYPT 50 kg in bags
[US] Edible Oils 3-14
  I work with a mandate and we are serving some of the largest buyers in China. We are interested in Rapeseed, Sunflower and other edible oils. Also
[BB] hydroponic grow tent 3-1
  Good day, I am looking for a hydroponic grow tent supplier to ship to the Caribbean for my drop shipping store. My customer in Barbados requires a 20
[] Seashells 3-1
  Dear Sir, We need all varieties of Sea Shells, Conches. Interested suppliers may please contact us ASAP. Thank you.
[TR] Coffee Beans 2-23
  We are currently looking for a company that supply coffee Beans as many tons as possible we are willing to buy, Please Kindly advice if you can exp
[DE] soybean,corn 1-30
  Dear sir We can supply 100000MT per month of the Non Gmo Soybean ,Gmo soybean and corn at a low price . Origin:Brazil For details contact to +535
[IN] Canned Water Chestnut, Bamboo Shoot, Button Mushroom, Straw Mush 1-19
  Dear Export Manager, We want to contract for 5 X 20' FCL Water Chestnut 565 g. Our company is regular importer of Canned Water Chestnut, Bamboo
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