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[CN] 10IU hgh human growth 99.61% Purity Ship Worldwide

  Human Growth homone (GH or HGH), also known as somatotropin or somatropin, is a peptide

homone that stimulates growth, cell reproduction and regeneration in humans and other

animals. It is a type of mitogen which is specific only to certain kinds of cells. Human

Growth homone is a 191-aa, single-chain polypeptide that is synthesized, stored,

and secreted by somatotropic cells within the lateral wings of the anterior pituitary gland.

HGH is a stress homone that raises the concentration of glucose and free fatty aa.

It also stimulates production of IGF-1.

HGH is used as a prescription drug in medicine to treat children's growth disorders and

adult growth homone deficiency.

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