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[CN] wireless microphone BL-2003

  1. Professional stage, UHF PLL line, 10 groups of 100 channels free choice.

2. Open environment Wireless transmission effective distance of up to 100 meters.

3. Dual-channel design.

4. The stability of the system can be ensured by using the Voice code lock receiving mode and quartz oscillation.

5. High-sensitivity and wide-frequency response of the moving-ring-type advanced pickup head, both men and women can express the original sound.

6. The use of advanced audio compression circuit, effective suppression of noise generation.

7. The precise circuit design can satisfy the normal use under the bad temperature condition.

8. The microcomputer controlled PLL phase-locked loop oscillator circuit has stable performance and convenient setting.

9. The infrared automatic frequency function, greatly enhances the operation and the establishment simple.

10. LCD digital display mode, the operation is more intuitive.

11. Receiver built-in transmitter power detection circuit, permanent solution to the microphone transmitter power supply is not enough.

12. With balanced and unbalanced audio output, it can be connected with any mixer, amplifier.

13. The standard 19-inch chassis can be used to match any cabinet.

Quantity :
Price: 47
Supplier: Yi Mei Jia Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

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