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[CN] Zinc Oxide 99.7% 99.5% 99% 95% for glass, ceramic,rubber

  Product Name: Zinc Oxide

Grade: Industry grade(Direct Process)

Appearance:White Powder

Direct Zinc Oxide 99.5%

CAS NO.:1314-13-2

EINECS NO.: 215-222-5

Molecular Formula: ZnO

Molecular Weight: 81.39

HS Code: 2817001000




Zinc Oxide (as ZnO) % ≥


Metals (as dry)% ≤


Lead Oxide (as Pb) % ≤


Manganese Oxide (as Mn) % ≤


Copper Oxide (as Cu)% ≤


Insoluble Matter in Hcl % ≤


Loss on ignition % ≤


Residue on sieve % ≤


Water soluble matter% ≤


Application: Used in rubber, dope cable, porcelain enamel, oil, pottery and porcelain, glass and other chemical

1. mainly used for rubber or cable industry as reinforcing agent and surfactant, and white glue stains

and filling agent, used as a curing agent in the neoprene
2. in the chemical fertilizer industry in feed gas for fine desulfurization
3. mainly used as white pigment, rubber vulcanization agent, organic synthesis catalyst,

desulfurization agent, used in electrostatic printing, pharmaceutical, etc
4. used in synthetic ammonia, oil, natural gas chemical raw materials of gas desulfurization
5. used as a benchmark analysis reagent, reagent, the fluorescent agent and matrix of light-sensitive materials
6. used for wet electrostatic photocopying, dry transfer printing, laser fax communication,

electronic computer records of static electricity and electrostatic plate making
7. used in plastics industry, sunscreen cosmetics products, special ceramics, special functional coatings

and textile health processing etc
8. is widely used in synthetic ammonia, methanol and hydrogen production of oil and gas industrial raw materials such as depth desulphurization purification process
9. used as a medicine, convergence for making ointment or adhesive plaster

Packaging & Delivery:

Packaging: 25kg/pp bag , 18MT/20'FCL. Or 1000kg big bag.

Delivery Time: within 7-20 working days after received advance payment.

Quantity :
Price: 2131
Supplier: China YiYingTeng import and export Co.,LTD

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