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[CN] Outdoor garden water 19-hole oscillate sprinkler

  1.Item No.:BB-3311
2.Garden Water Hose Oscillate Sprinkler with three gear.
3.Turn around the bay to adjust the oscillate sprinkler with different holes:6 holes,12 holes,19 holes.
4. 6 holes is water spray farest,12 holes is 5. water spray good.19 holes is water spray biggest area.
6.Turn the knob to adjust water flow.
7.Irrigation area:4-2200 square ft and 90 degrees automatic swing spraying.
8.Adjust the clip to adjust the water spray area.
9. Packing
Color Card
Size(cm):52.5 X 52 X 26.5cm

Quantity :
Price: 13.5
Supplier: ChongQing Xin XiangFeng Import &Export Co., Ltd

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