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Industrial Supplies / Machinery

[RO] Elastic Knee Sleeve (10-17) 20
  Hi everyone! My name is Sorin and i am the representative of MAVA Sports company. We are a huge seller on the USA market and we are looking on develo
[FR] rice and wheat combine harvester (10-17) 20
  Dear Sir, This is the Congolese Revolutionary Army in North Kivu DRC. Please let me know if your organization will agree to receive our raw gold in
[KR] Elevator Parts (10-17) 20
  Rope Dia:8-16mm Type:Shaft System Model:Wedged/ Lead Poured Drive Mode:AC Control Type:Microcomputer Control Guiderail width:10mm/16mm Use of Oc
[IE] paint tinting machine (10-17) 20
  Our company is looking to buy a paint tinting machine for making many various paint colors. We would mainly use this paint on excavators. As we have m
[US] Safety box cutters (10-15) 20
  Hello, I would like to buy 1000 units with our logo printer on the knifes. Could you please send me a quote for them.
[BD] Traction Motor (10-15) 20
  Dear Sir, Wish you have a nice day! We extremely keen to work with you ( as a local Agent ) vide on international tender Invite by the Chief
[AE] spare parts (10-15) 20
  Dear Sir, Trying to locate your mail ID could not found. can someone send a suitable quotation for the below: 1)AUTO PILOT-FURUNO NAVPILOT-711C ( NE
[CA] trailer jack (10-11) 20
  I need a quote on 600pcs. ea. of a 12,000 lb front trailer jack stand I have pictures of what I need.
[GR] Polyester yarns (10-3) 20
  Dear Sirs, Please advise if you may offer Polyester yarns for marine ropes. Thank you very much.
[GR] Floats, lace-on, for marine ropes (10-3) 20
  Dear Sirs, Please advise if you produce lace-on floats for marine ropes so that they may not sink under their own weight. Thank you very much.
[GR] Fire resistant curtains (10-3) 20
  Please advise if you may offer for the following materials: Fire curtains / fire roller curtains to be attached to concrete ceiling. Fire resist
  Material Property Melt flow Index - 11g/10min Temperature- 230 degrees Load- 2.16kg Tensile strength at yields- 36MPa Elongation at yields- 1
[MX] pulley wheel (9-28) 20
  Hi, I need an Iron Pulley with 7" of diameter and 3 ways, with 1.5" of center diameter. If you handel these products, I want to know the shipping pri
[MX] PS prismatic diffuser (9-28) 20
  Dear Sir/Madam, This is Mariana CerĂ³n from MX. I'm looking for products with the following specifications: If you handle this type of goods; Could
[ID] Speed Control Monitor (9-27) 20
  Dear Sir/Madam, Please submit to us your best price and delivery time for below : Speed Control Monitor "ATL" Type : 6RK120RGK-S3 120W ; 380V ;
[US] Zinc ingots & aluminium UBC (9-27) 20
  Zinc ingots 20 MT monthly, aluminium UBC 500 MT monthly.
[MX] hydraulic power unit (9-25) 20
  Dear Sir/Madam, Type:Hydraulic Power Units I'm searching a hydraulic cilinder and hidraulic power unit with the next features: Hydrualic cylinder:
[MX] Hydraulic cylinder (9-25) 20
  Hydrualic cylinder: - Rated pressure: 1000 psi - Bore: 2" - Stroke: 1.4m
[MX] Hydraulic power unit (9-25) 20
  Hydraulic power unit: - Rated pressure: >1000 psi - Rated flow: 4.2 cc/r** - Rated speed: 3000 rpm** - Power supply: 60 Hz (220V and single ph
[PK] Roof Ventilation / exhaust products (9-21) 20
  we are a Pre engineering building company in Pakistan we wish to discuss with you what kinds of Roof Ventilation / exhaust products you are supplying?
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