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Medicine / Cosmetics

[UK] lenses (8-29) 20
  Hello, we need to place an order of around 100 pairs of lenses. please contact me on *** to discuss details. Best,
[AE] Proteins and supplements, multivitamins (8-16) 20
  Dear Supplier kindly provide me with the list of protein bar brands you have along with the price list , to supply a healthy eating restaurant in AbuD
[BE] Stethoscope (8-16) 20
  Hi, my name is Sabine from Caers Company We are interested in your product. We have contacted other suppliers and we are looking for a test quanti
[CA] syringe and needles (8-16) 20
  I am still much interested on syringe and needles in large quantity and doing business with you. let me know as soon as possible.Advice your syri
[CA] Health and Medical (8-16) 20
  Dear sir , I am still much interested on both Health and Medical supplies in bulk Qty and also doing business with you. let me know as soon as
[US] Cigarettes (8-5) 20
  I need containers of Marlboro's.
[DE] FACE MASK (8-2) 20
  we are a German Trading Company and we look for Surgical Face Masks 3ply with tie and Loops. Could you make us a offer for this ? We Need to buy a 20
[BE] URINE BOTTLE (8-2) 20
  Good day, I would like to have specifications and price offer for 1000 PP urinal with handle. About the handle is the urinal and handle all one mol
[US] Pharmaceutical (7-29) 20
  Hello, Please send order/cost/delivery information for your passionflower extract with delivery to the United States. Chase Voorhees C What is the MOQ
[IR] 2 ppb Sensitivity Honey Testing Strips (7-26) 20
  Hi Dear I am ALI from Iran . please me send more information in detail about how can use it ? how much does it cost normally? which companies can we
[NZ] Urolithin A, NMN, NAD+, Ferulic Acid (7-26) 20
  1) RFQ: Please quote all or some of the following samples of substances, food- or pharmaceutical grade, couriered to Auckland 1071, New Zealand:
[PK] cyclophasphamide 1g injection (7-19) 20
  we need to import cyclophasphamide 1g and 500mg injection
[AE] Horse Injection (7-12) 20
  Function:Enteritis Diarrhea Medicine Dosage Form:Injection Animal Type:Horse Type:Drug Dosage Form:Injection Please contact me thru my
[US] Pharmaceutical Product (7-12) 20
  "We are seeking for the best prices for life saving medicines generally in the following listed. Prescription medicine - Oncology medicine, Rheumatoid
[PH] OEM product and packaging of Fipronil and S-methoprene (7-5) 20
  Looking for OEM product and packaging of Fipronil and S-methoprene. Please direct message me.
  Hi, dear sir/madam,We are a trading company based in Kenya. We have seen yourand we are interested in your ORTHOPEDIC BONE CEMENT- e mail.What is the
[IR] pt tube (6-11) 20
  Good Day I am from company oxien teb from Iran. I request cooperation to sell your company products. Please send the price list to the company's emai
[ID] Looking for reliable supplier in Cosmetics & Skin (5-30) 20
  Dear Supplier; Im looking for reliable suppliers in skin care, cosmetics, apparels, fashions, accesories, and electronics for Indonesian marketplac
[ID] skin care (5-30) 20
  We are looking for reliable supplier for well known brand for skins care products, with competitive price. you may
[PE] trichloroisocyanuric acid (5-28) 20
  Dear sir , I am Max of Peru We need new products for peruvian market please send information of chlorine tablet multifunfion ( for pool ) with in
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