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Chemical Industry

[MY] Synthetic camphor DAB8 (5-18) 20
  We are trading company, we looking for camphor powder supplier who can offer us best quality and price.Can any supplier provide us the best camphor po
[SG] 10-Undecene-1-thiol CAS: 178561-30-3 (5-18) 20
  I would like to know the price of this chemical, payment method, and lead time.
[KZ] carbonat barium (5-17) 20
[KZ] barium carbonate (5-17) 20
  We are interested in a barium carbonate <99% powder.
[BR] HDPE for film (5-17) 20
  we are looking for recycled HDPE for film, blow molding and injection applications. Material must be clean and white (crystal type). We need 50 tons a
[IN] calcium bromide (5-16) 20
  can you give us calcium bromide 300 MT per month for one year fixed price contract
[PK] anti rust paint (5-16) 20
  Need undercoat paint of highest quality to get your car rust proof usually comes in box packing of 1 litre x 12 bottles in 1 box .Need on reqular basi
[EE] plastick bag material (5-15) 20
  im sammy from ethiopia if any one have this please contact me i need by whole sale price for resale for the first time i need full 4 4oft but it must
[PL] 3-Furansulfonic acid (5-14) 20
  Quantity: 1kg; 100kg; 1000kg Quality Standards: Packing: Place of Origin: Purity: Standard: : Inquire about price --- Give me the price for 100k
[IN] 4-bromothiazole. (5-14) 20
  we are looking for 4-bromothiazole. Products(CAS): 34259-99-9 Quantity: 10kg Purity: 98% Shipping to: India
[AF] Triethylene glycol (5-14) 20
  one thousands liter only cif islam qala --- please send me your company profile
[AE] bitumen 60/70 (5-14) 20
  Kindly find our requirements for bitumen as below Bitumen 60/70, packing in barrel ; required qty : 3000 tons; CIF Pointe-Noire , including the val
[US] R-30490 (5-11) 20
  Quantity: sample or r30490 or any other fent anologues for sale Quality Standards: pure Packing: discrete Place of Origin: Purity:99% Standa
[UG] methyl eugenol (5-11) 20
  I need supply for pure methyl Eugenol at a fair price. supplier should quote price per kg and shipping (to Kampala Uganda) per kg separately and send
[MM] Inquiry for Chrome Lignite (5-10) 20
  Chrome lignite for Drilling Fluid / Mud with 25kg/bag for 200 MT.
[VN] Thermo Scientific Ramsey Mini 11-100 Scale (5-10) 20
  Dear ?SIR/ MADAM?, We are electric company in Vietnam and looking for THERMO products, as below:? Thermo Scientific Ramsey Mini 11-100 Scale Co
[US] Liquid Protect Nail polish (5-8) 20
  Hi, I’m interested in your product LULAA 6ml Peel Off Liquid Tape Latex Tape Peel Off Base Coat Nail Art Liquid Nail Gel Palisade Liquid Protect Nail
[IN] quotation β-benzyl-L-aspartate (5-8) 20
  Dear Sir/Madam, I am Dr. M. SIVANANTHAM and working as an Assistant Professor in PRIST University, Thanjavur, Tamilnadu, India. Recently funds for
[IN] Hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose(HPMC) (5-8) 20
  Quantity: 1000 Kg Quality Standards: Packing: 25 kgs Place of Origin: China Purity: Standard: :
[US] Sodium saccharin (5-8) 20
  Hello Sir/Madam , Greeting from our procurement Department of our company with years experience. with the trust and full authority of buying conne
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