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[US] Pocket Shower Curtain (7-31) 20
  I am looking to sell this pocket shower curtain under private label brand. I want to change the pockets to alternating from horizontal to vertical to
[US] Polycarbonate Syringe (7-31) 20
  Dear Sir/Madam, I'm looking for "polycarbonate syringe" with the following specifications:1mL - 10mL There 1000 PC syringes of all sizes are bei
[IL] cross section samples polisher (7-31) 20
  We would like to buy a cross section samples polisher for production with rotating head and head to plate calibration option. Best regards
[UG] Virgin HDPE (7-31) 20
  Dear sir/madam ,Our client/the buyer want; Virgin HDPE 1. Product name: HDPE raw material 2. CAS NO. :9002-88-4 3. Appearance: white gra
[CA] Mason Jar display rack (7-31) 20
  I was looking for a Mason Jar display rack. Do you make those? How fast can we work to make a design? How fast can you quote me the price on the d
[US] 41.5 low carbon steel screw (7-31) 20
  Yes I am, can you give me a quote on this please? 1)HEX HEAD BOLT ?"-10 x 41.5" Low Carbon Steel, Plain finish with 4" of thread EAU 70,000
[PK] Jumbo Tissue Rolls (7-30) 20
  We require Tissue Rolls 12~13 M.ton: UAE Customer - Facial Tissue, GSM 12.5, Roll width 1260mm - Interfold Tissue, 1Ply, 28,30,
[IR] calf rawhide, cow rawhide, cow skin, cattle rawhid (7-28) 20
  To whom it may concerns, We are planning to import 500 MT of bovine rawhide to Iran as a trial order and continue our business with the best suppli
[CY] post paper labels (7-27) 20
  Hello here are the photos attached. The product requested is just poor paper (Paper type: 300gr / m2) that must not be tear. no adhesive at the ba
[CN] Snap Button (7-26) 20
  Ring Snap button, 4 part, ECO friendly quality Material: Stainless steel Size: 9.2mm Color: Single ring paint color, other parts nickel color Orde
[ID] Fencing material (7-26) 20
  I am looking for the following materials to import to Zimbabwe: Studded T-type fencing posts in the following sizes 900 pcs of 1.8m@ 1.58kg/m 30
[NG] BABY WEARS (7-25) 20
  Hello Sir, We respond to your advertisement mail thru courtesy of the,and we have understand you very well and we are very
  Hello Sir, We respond to your advertisement mail thru courtesy of the,and we have understand you very well and we are very
[NG] CAUSTIC SODA PEARLS 99% (7-25) 20
  Hello Sir, We respond to your mail and we have understand you very well and we are very interseted to do business with you,as a result,we now introdu
[IN] Magnesium Alloy AZ31B Plate (7-25) 20
  We have requirement of Magnesium Alloy AZ31B Plate Size: 3 mm Thk ---- 5 Kg. Size: 8 mm Thk ---- 5 Kg. Kindly advise your best offer & delivery
[IN] Magnesium Master Alloy Ingot (7-25) 20
  We have a requirement of Magnesium Master Alloy Ingot. Mg-La 20% ---- 3 Kg. Mg-Zr 30% ---- 3 Kg. We also buy many other Magnesium alloys regula
[SG] Pencil with customised Cap (7-25) 20
  Looking for the following item: Pencil with Customised Cap Pencil: Wooden type Size: 3.5 inch or normal length Printing: 2 col logo, 1 pos
[OM] Tooth Brush (7-24) 20
  I am looking for Sensodyne tooth brush.
[CA] Apple chargers (7-24) 20
  I only need Apple chargers All kinds of Apple chargers What do you have in stock and what grade ? Apple logo ? What kind of packaging ?
[US] under water led video screen (7-24) 20
  Soft rubber flexible LED video scree 10 mm PP Needs to be able to be placed in fountains and under water in pool single piece 20 feet x 16 feet us
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