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[IN] Paper rolls (3-28) 20
  We require regular basis paper rolls. 48, 50, 52 gsm in roll form 51, 58, 60 cm width. Only genuine suppliers from ASEAN region. Payment LC base. sup
[IL] Vacuum forming cover (3-27) 20
  I would like to produce a vacuum forming cover for our product. Drawings of the product are attached. Material PET 0.5mm Transparent. Please send m
[IQ] pet injection moulding machine (3-27) 20
  Hi, I am en ahmad mawj I would like to buy injection molding machine with 48 cavities ( 12 g pet preform weight -30mm pet preform neck ) (18000
[US] Silk bow tie, suspenders and pocket square set (3-27) 20
  I am looking for a set like the attached pic I would like to get 6-9 colors and would consider 100 sets per color. I need the following: 1 can you s
[AE] Sugar Icumsa 45 (3-27) 20
  Hi, I’m interested in your product Brazillian Icumsa 45 Sugar White Price, I would like some more details: What is the best price you can offer? 1.
[AE] Aluminum Scrap (3-27) 20
  Hi, I’m interested in your product Aluminum Scrap aluminum profile 6063 sheet Germany origin, I would like some more details: What is the best price
[IL] antenna (3-27) 20
  Hello, We need to produce a antenna according to the attached drawing. I would be glad to get your feedback and to know if you can produce such a
[MY] Sound Absorbing foam (3-27) 20
  Dear , we are semiconductor test handler manufacturer from Malaysia, i am looking for sound absorbing material to reduce noise created by machine.
[HK] aluminum triangle sign desk top holder (3-27) 20
  Hi, I’m interested in your product Metal name holder aluminum triangle sign desk top holder, I would like some more details. I look forward for your
[DE] Plastic cover and plastic head screw (3-27) 20
  Dear Sirs We are looking for plastic leg cover as well as plastic head screw supplier. Capable supplier Pls along your company information
[IR] aluminum,phosphoric acid,hydroxide,sulfate (3-26) 20
  Dear sirs/ Madam My name is Mahdieh Bakhtiaran, managing director of DaneshAra Salamat Company in Iran. product (CAS No. 150828-31-2 (aluminum,phosp
[NZ] packaging bags for clothes (3-26) 20
  Hi, Please quote me for the cheapest packaging bags for my clothing. I want colour to be Black with my white logo. Please see my attachments. My l
[BW] all the paper (3-26) 20
  We are hereby writing this letter to express the above reference. Kindly accept this letter as request for an intent letter from your respective organ
[IN] smart lamp speaker (3-26) 20
  Hi, I’m interested in your product flexible alarm clock led table desk light bluetooths touch smart lamp speaker, I would like some more details. 1
[IN] Betel Nuts (3-26) 20
  Hi, I’m interested in your product Betel Nuts / Supari from Indonesia. Good price and quality, I would like some more details. I look forward for yo
[AU] Mr.P.Knox Operations Director (3-26) 20
  Our company is in the market for a Stevia Chewing Gum Shipment-1 xFCL Container. B.Rds Mr.P.knox Operations Director KONIG CORPORATION
[NL] Algerian Love Knot (3-25) 20
  i am loking for an "Algerian Love Knot" like Vesper has in the James bond movie.
[SA] green coffee beans (3-25) 20
  I want to offer the price of 20 tons of Espresso beans 20% of Robusta and 80% of Arabica Package 1 Kg in bag with air discharge valve
[US] Low Temperature Sterilizers (3-25) 20
  Dear Sir/Madam, We are finding an OEM manufacturer 100% ETO Low Temperature Sterilizers. If you can supply products with private trademark. Please
[PK] Compressor Scrap (3-25) 20
  We are reseller and we are looking for suppliers of Compressor scraps. We will need regular supply and minimum Quantity of 50 MT each shipment with m
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