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[RU] good teas (1-18) 20
  Good day! We are searching for good teas in low-medium price segment. Specially want to try high quality gaba tea and others like: Jin Jun mei, ti
[US] plastic dog ramp (1-18) 20
  Hi, I’m interested in your product plastic dog ramp|PET RAMP, I would like some more details. I look forward for your reply. 500 and 1000 competiti
[IR] compressor (1-18) 20
  Good day, we Marine Lintex Equipment Co Ltd are expanding our import/export line in some of your products. please kindly give us a quote for an imme
[ID] Concrete Spun Pile End Plate (1-17) 20
  Dear Sir/Madam, This is FirdausJuven MBA from ID. I'm looking for products with the following specifications: We are looking for Manufacturer of th
[NG] graphics card (1-17) 20
  Hi, we are a re-seller of Radeon Nvidia graphics card. We are looking for 15 bulk suppliers of the following graphics card from UK/EU. Only contac
[IN] Tricosatriene (1-17) 20
  Dear Sir, We manufacture various organic / sustainable agriculture inputs including pheromone lures. We need the following material(s). Kindly quo
[UK] Loop Extractor (1-17) 20
  I'm interested in your product RF 1/2LB-10LB Sanitary Oil Passive Dewaxing BHO Closed Loop Extractor, I would like some more details. I look forward
[AE] Fire Fighting Trucks (1-17) 20
  There is a requirement of 3 Fire Fighting Trucks. The Specifications are: 1. Engine Power : HP 360 2. Water Tanker: 12000 ltr Capacity 3. Foam Ca
[TR] CERAMIC MUG (1-17) 20
  Dear ; We are looking for empty ceramic mugs. Quantity will be 20 feet Container as a start. Please send us a more models and price list to Best R
[BD] floating fish feed fir catfish (1-17) 20
  we need floating fish feed for our RAS system farm using for all catfish. please advise to my
[BD] Premium Dried Fish Feed (1-17) 20
  Hi, I’m interested in your product Big Sale Fish feed/Talapia fish/floating feed/Shrimp feed/for farm/protein 40%min, I would like some more details.
[TW] PET resin (1-17) 20
  Hello how are you? This is Ray from Taiwan. We have a customer in Iran looking for PET resin. Quantity 300MT/Month. If you are interested, please co
[IN] Formamidine Acetate (1-17) 20
  Quantity: 2 kg Quality Standards: Packing: 2 kg pack Place of Origin: New Delhi Purity: >95% pure Standard: : require 2 kg of formamidine
[HK] soft LED unicorn light (1-17) 20
  Hi, I’m interested in your product kids and gifts unicorn night light soft LED unicorn light, I would like some more details: What is the best price
[IR] Used battery 200 tones two shipments (1-17) 20
  We are willing to buy 200 tones of scrap battery and ship it to iran Basel convention should be considered and the price should be reasonable The fi
[SY] PVC welding machine (1-17) 20
  we need PVC conveyer belt machines welding splitting and zigzag sets the welding part is 2meters Pls gibe me best price offer with machines specif
[SY] PVC and felt belts (1-17) 20
  we need 100 meter polyester PVC conveyer belts thickness 1.6mm and felt belts of one side and the second side polyester conveyer belt thickness 3mm
[SY] straight steel wire (1-17) 20
  Hello We need steel wire for spring class C dis 1mm TS 2000-2400mpa qty 10 tons when recoil the coil the wire become straight alone without machine
[TH] Eyelash Glue (1-17) 20
  We are looking for Eyelash Glue 5 g. pack in bottle . with under our own Brand , Please hurry to reply me by Thanks & Best regards,
[HK] cardboard vr (1-17) 20
  I'm interested in your Google cardboard for kids 3d virtual reality headset 3d glasses free sample, google cardboard vr, I would like some more detail
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