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[NG] bath towel (2-7) 20
  Thanks for your email message. We are so much interested in your products and please find bellow this email of our interested sizes:- 100% COTTON
[IN] electric bike kit (2-7) 20
  17inches Hub motor with wheel rim 60volts regular requirements urgent order.
[AU] Incense holders ceramic (2-7) 20
  We are looking for x1000 similar incense burners like the below. Please send quotes and pictures to Thanks, --- Yes we re still after cerami
[BJ] used shoe (2-7) 20
  Dear sir/Ma, We are a verifiable registered company in West Africa, specifically Togo and Benin republic respectively. We are looking for genu
[PR] Turanaxyl, Trinaxyl 150, SUSTANONS250 (2-7) 20
  Hi my name is Kenny Interested in your products I am a personal trainer which supply my costumers and trainers with there needs in body building c
[LY] Double 4a 80 gsm (2-7) 20
  Hello all sir Quantity 10 containers 20 feet of paper and payment method Credit from the bank 100% enhanced Port of Tunis
[IN] buy white topaz (2-7) 20
  Hello, Greetings from India. We are looking for white topaz in 1 to 20 gram sizes, for irradiation. Our requirement is 100 kgs per month. Pl
[MG] White Vaseline / Petroleum Jelly (2-6) 20
  Hi sorry i am from Madagascar i need to buy directly in the manifacturer have certificate sadec or comesa vaseline glycerine and white oil for
[CM] Honey, apparel, hair hygiene, drugs (2-6) 20
  Thank for your contact mail, which we received with so much happy to esteem along terms partnership with your company, meanwhile,we deal in high qty
  Hello , we are looking for attached same or similar model of Balancing Bike recommend and offer hot and good selling models of your factory in exc
[BJ] Frozen Fish (2-6) 20
  We Buy Canned and Frozen Fish --- How are you? How is business? We are still importing fish. Sorry we cutted off communication. It is because o
[IN] Calcium Gluconate (2-6) 20
  Hi, I’m interested in your product FCC Powder Calcium Gluconate, I would like some more details. I look forward for your reply. we require 2 FCL pe
[IR] PA6 and PA66 (2-6) 20
  Hello this is Parisa. i want PA6 and PA66 please add me in WeChat. I will waiting. thank you so much. --- yes I'm interested about it. what
[US] herbal tampons (2-6) 20
  We are interested in herbal tampons and maybe other. Could You give me info please
[TG] lemon (2-6) 20
  Dear Sir/Madam, Thanks for your message and here to inform you that we () is interested in buying Fresh Citrus Fruits | Valencia Oranges | Le
[IN] fibreglass chopped strand mat (2-6) 20
  i want to import fibreglass chopped strand mat contact me on . you can directly What is the price?
[AE] Plasma ball light (2-6) 20
  Dear. How are you long time no news from you happy Chinese new year what about plasma collections now and the new led light whats the news you have u
[BD] Sunflower Oil & rapeseed oil (2-6) 20
  Dear Sir, Please give the price urgently with COA for the following items: 01. Refine Sunflower Oil Qty: 3000 MT Payment terms: LC 02.
[IN] Backpack (2-6) 20
  I need 2 type of backpack. 1st backpack I need 50pcs and 2nd backpack I need 2 to 3 colour and each colour 20 to 30 PCs.this order will increase after
[US] Human hair (2-6) 20
  I am looking for 100% Remy human hair ( unprocessed human hair). The supplier should be the manufacturer. I would like to know the cost of the hai
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