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[NG] inverter heat sink (12-5) 20
  Hi there, We are an assembling company based in Nigeria. We are very interested in your inverter heat sink. we need heat sink for our power inverter
[NG] EI/EE type power transformer bobbin coil 76*50 (12-5) 20
  Dear supplier/producer, We are a trading company based in Nigeria. we are interested in your EI/EE type power transformer bobbin coil . can you be a
[TW] Sea Sand (12-5) 20
  Buy Sea Sand ( 5 million Cubic Meter Every Month ) From the supplier's side, here are some data extremely important required by the buyer for inspect
[TW] Tomato Grouper (12-5) 20
  Buy Tomato Grouper ( I.Q.F. ) Quantity : 10 Tons Size : 500 – 1000 gram / 1 Piece Treatment 1: I.Q.F. / One Piece. One Bag Trea
  i need joysticks/levers for komatsu excavators if you can supply please tell me
[TR] kailijumei flower (12-5) 20
  Dear Sir/Madam, This is. So we are looking for only kailijumei flower use lipstick and lipsgloss container. If you have this flowers on your produ
[TR] dry flower (12-5) 20
  Dear Supplier, This is Ramazan from Atomizer Cosmetic, we are looking for mini dry flowers. so if you have same or similar prodcut on your product l
[PL] HDPE granules from recycling (12-5) 20
  We are looking for HDPE granules from recycling. Please send your offers
[HK] snowman ceramic cup (12-5) 20
  Dear producer,We are a company from Hongkong. Ceramic The Phantom character face mask mug,Color, purpleDrinkware 12 oz,Each piece per whitebox packedW
[HK] Glass cup (12-5) 20
  Can you help? material: tempered soda-lime glass Item capacity: 260ml Item weight: 240gram item size: 86mm H x 90.5mm diameter Packing: 30 pei
[HK] Ball shape BBQ gtill (12-5) 20
  Dear Sir/Madam, I'm looking for products with the following specifications: -500 pcs -1000 pcs -Colors: if possible, completely in red. Or as red a
[HK] Japanese movement (12-5) 20
  Dear Sir/Madam, I'm looking for products with the following specifications: Japan movement for 100mm diameter qty: 150 pcs yours
[VN] Wall Mount Hanger Holder (12-5) 20
  Dear Sir/Madam, This is HieuLe from US. I'm looking for products with the following specifications: Stores vertically when not in use, The more sc
[VN] Spiral Suction Sink Organizer (12-5) 20
  Dear Sir/Madam, I'm looking for products with the following specifications: Store your scrub brush and sponge conveniently and out of the way with t
[EG] French fries production line (12-5) 20
  Dear Sir/Madam, I'm looking for French fries production line with the following specifications: Type : full automatic machinery : full machi
[AU] electroplating (12-4) 20
  Hello there, I need a company to quote me on electroplating 50 of each colour asap. 18 colours in Total! I will be sending the product as attached a
[PK] polyurethane sealant (12-4) 20
  Good Morning. This is kaleem jatoi from ultra Chemicals Lahore, Pakistan. We need PU joint sealant for concrete in 600ml Sausage. Do you provide?
[PK] Pet Chemical Coated film (12-4) 20
  This is Saleem Malik from Karachi Pakistan. Kindly note that we need following products:- Pet Plain 12um Corona Treatment Meter in one roll 12,
  Dear Sir/Madam, I want to buy stock or used notebook, or laptops by very reasonable prices Screen Size:14-17 Processor Manufacture: Intel Memory
[AR] Video Camera Use tripod for digital camera (12-4) 20
  thank you for your information, we need these amounts 154cms 2800 pieces, 130cms 1000 pieces, 145cms 2300 pieces, 160cms 1100 pieces, Monopod with tr
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