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[AE] Copper purity (5-4) 20
  99.99 purity tons
[IN] IC MP4056 sop8 (5-4) 20
  we are LED light factory in india we are making led driver our self we need following IC for dimmable driver we need IC MP405
[DE] kilima (5-4) 20
  I am from Germany I would like to buy kilima we are a company you can send me your dealer price list with pdf
[US] Pinch and slide mylar bags (5-4) 20
  Looking for mylar “pinch and slide” food grade bags for cannabis edibles that meet California state guidelines. Please send images, videos. Thanks
[VN] Hydraulic Motor (5-3) 20
  Ref : Piston Hidraulic Motor (L6V 125 HD1DFZ 20630) 1-Price completed of Piston Hidraulic Motor (L6V 125 HD1DFZ 20630) ? 2-Price for hidraulic part
[SA] polystyrene beads fill car seat booster (5-3) 20
  hello, i am looking for polystyrene beads fill car seat booster. to be delivered to dammam quantity 1000 pcs. ONLY COVER without fill. contact me at
[NL] OAK flooring (5-3) 20
  Looking for oak oiled 3 layers 15mm-20mm 150/200 wide floor Please sent me your offer including good pictures of your product
[US] outboard engine throttle (5-3) 20
  , I need the best shifter you have for small outboard engine throttle, but I need stainless wire, not galvanized with the black tube covering and adju
[AE] Amber square pump bottles (5-3) 20
  I need a supplier for Amber square pump bottles 150 ml - 500 pcs 250 ml - 500 pcs 500 ml - 500 pcs And also a round amber container container
[MY] AL 1600-Aluminum-alloy-boat-sea-coast (5-3) 20
  This is Tila from MY. I'm looking for products with the following specifications: I need the quotation for the above product with the below specif
[US] Isonate 143L (5-3) 20
  Quantity: sample size - 1 Liter or so Quality Standards: Packing: Place of Origin: Purity: Standard: CAS: 39394-41-7
[NL] Implementation of statues of epoxy (5-3) 20
  Hello, I’m artist, I’ve a lot of ideas and designs of art pieces. I'm looking for a factory where I could form a art statues from epoxy.
[SA] hotel gift for client like pen (5-3) 20
  Dear Sir/Madam, My name is Cezar from Riyadh Saudi Arabia, looking for hotel gift for client like pen and we put our logo how much for 5000pcs? my .
[PH] Aztec Indian Healing Clay (5-3) 20
  Please indicate shipping fee going to Philippines. You can reach me via and email me. Thank you.
[SA] Safety Disposable Powder Free Medical Hand Nitrile (5-3) 20
  I need vinyl gloves powder free M= 4.5g weight 80 pcs in the box 10 box in the carton Good quality i meed 2 container 40 ft
[LK] android 4g lte smart phone without camera (5-3) 20
  Sir/Madam I nilesh mali from Boisar palghar maharashtra india I am interested to start a marketing business worldwide I am going to establish an o
  Dear SIR/ MADAM?, We are electric company in Vietnam and looking for THERMO FISHER (KW0AU1) products, as below:? 1. COPPER PURIFICATION CORE O
[BD] SODA ASH (5-3) 20
  PROCUREMENT OF 1500 M.Ton SODA ASH (HEAVY) PRICE SCHEDULE ItemNo.| Description Qty of | Unite| Freight| Unite C&F | Total C&F US$ of Item un
[NZ] hangtags for clothing own logo (5-3) 20
  Hi, Please quote me for my request below for my sports brand called Hera Fitness. I want the first two black designs to be on black paperboard, prin
[GA] copper cathodes (5-3) 20
  Hello sir, I am buyer is looking for, please answer me and tell me if this is acceptable to you. if possible, thank you to send me a FCO or a contra
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