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[TW] Coal 5600 (9-14) 20
  We are a company from Taiwan. We have seen your website and we are interested in your South African RB 1 Coal. Here is the informations about the pro
[US] washing machine (9-14) 20
  We are now still looking for the washing machine for twin tubs and washing machines. Washinng machine from 7 KG t0 14 kg, twintubs, copper moter.
[PK] double drum flaker (9-14) 20
  Do you manufacture double drum flaker? Best Regards
[GE] Refined sunflower oil (9-13) 20
  Dear suppliers, I would like to purchase 25 ton of sunflower oil and export to Republic of Georgia. To avoid any fraud cases I need guarantees, no an
[RU] propylene glycol USP (food)grade (9-13) 20
  My name is Evgeni, I'm from the company WM ingredients. We're one of the biggest Russian manufacturers and suppliers for food flavours, nutrient addit
[PK] 100% Polyester DTY SD RW 150/48 (9-13) 20
  PAK HUB ENTERPRISES is an International Trading & Indenting Company based in Karachi Pakistan specializing in ,Plywood, Iron sheets, Yarn,Leather, Che
[PK] Stearic Acid Flaker - expired (9-13) 20
  We have manufactured our flaker in house. Hence it is no more required now. this inquiry has expired
[BD] sodium lauryl sulfate sls (9-13) 20
[TR] poe nvr 16ch (9-13) 20
  Dear Sir/Madam, This is AlexSert from PL. I'm looking for "poe nvr 16ch" with the following specifications: direct 16ch , POE , NVR + 5M camera
[TR] sliding door Brushless Motor (9-13) 20
  Dear Mis ,Mr We have been found your company from internet. We are a leading distributor and manufacturing company in Turkey and applying uniqu
[BD] Gps Tracker (9-13) 20
  Hey there, It is nice to write to you. This is Mars from Bangladesh. I would like to buy id card gps tracking mobile phone gk309. Could you please s
[IN] wind turbine (9-13) 20
  Dear sir We are one of the wind turbine manufacturing in India, We are manufacturing 750 KW wind turbine with 24M blade, We are going to use 28
[PK] broom wade compressor spare parts (9-13) 20
  Dear, we need broom wade compressor spare parts if anyone have kindly qoute n email us your best price Best regards,
[NG] BOPP film (9-13) 20
  Please I need Bopp film not less than 40feet
[HK] Christmas Ball Speaker (9-13) 20
  Dear Sir/Madam, This is JeffGo@ pacificsky.HK. I'm looking for products with the following specifications: I want to quote 5000 pcs Colour purple
[VN] Cabinet Door (9-13) 20
  Dear Sir/Madam, This is HieuLe from US. I'm looking for products with the following specifications: Door/Drawer Template Functional Hardware Qual
[US] shirt (9-13) 20
  hi there, we are trying to make a shirt for my client, they can start with 50,000 pcs. can you please email me at
[KR] Phentermine Hcl (9-13) 20
  We need 10kg of Phentermine Hcl Cas: 1197-21-3
[PK] E27 B22 Led Bulb (9-12) 20
  Dear Sir/Madam, This is Dr. Abdul Mohsin from Pakistan. We have a new division which is presently working on E27 B22 LED Bulbs. Kindly let us know
[JP] copper in cathodes (9-12) 20
  we are also looking for aluminum ingots and copper in cathodes. Could you tell me more about this information, how is it? Is it really possible for
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