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[AE] Fridge Compressor Scrap (4-19) 20
  Hi, I’m interested in your product. I would like some more details. I look forward to your reply.
[BG] baby products (4-19) 20
  Dear Manufacturers, My name is Milcho Vasilkoff from Bulgaria and I am the owner of few companies operating in UK, DE and Bulgaria. We are specializ
[BD] talcum powder (4-19) 20
  Hi,i'm looking for talc powder for paint,could you supply it for me? --- Please quote your best price CFR CHITTAGONG along with specification and ot
[IN] Fridge Compressor Scrap (4-18) 20
  Hello sir/madam, It is nice to write to you. This is juned malek from India. I am interested in this style of Fridge Compressor Scrap,Spot goods! and
[BR] PET flakes (4-18) 20
  Good morning, We are a company from Brazil, please inform me the price for: a- Recycled PET Flakes, price for crystal color and for mixed colors
[CA] stackable blueberry box (4-18) 20
  Hi. tom again. my comapany is looking to buy 1500 cardboard boxes. size ( 10 X12 X 5.25 ) inches port for Delivery is Vancouver,BC, Canada .30 ce
[KR] fish snack (4-18) 20
  Fish snack, G bar Size, By bulk. QUANTITY; 500,000 USD This is Korea, my name is Choi jaihyuck Thank you
[AE] HDPE Granules (4-18) 20
  Hi, I’m interested in your product Virgin/Recycled grade HDP/LDPE/LLDPE Resin/Granules/Pellets Injection Molding Grade, I would like some more detail
[CA] Moulded / bent Plywood (4-18) 20
  Looking for supplier that can produce moulded plywood armrests
[RU] faux wood carved animals (4-17) 20
  I need faux wood carved animals: 1. bear 2. orca 3. salmon 4. elk 5. wolf ect
[ID] Used Computer (4-17) 20
  computer CPU, computer accessories, printers, laptops (brand new or refurbished), computer monitor, USB Modem (GSM / CDMA), USB Flashdisk, USB Bluet
[IN] wireless earphone (4-17) 20
  Hello, please send me your complete product catalog of TWS,True Wireless Stereo Earbuds along with prices.
[US] Android smart device with HD resolution screen (4-17) 20
  Hello, I am looking for an Android smart device with HD resolution screen. Please send specs and quote for 1, 100, 1k, 10k. Do you also offer custo
[HR] auto parts (4-17) 20
  Dear Madam, Please find the image of the requested part within the attachment. (1) It is a quantity based on 11 pieces. (2) The de
[IN] Copper Scrap (4-17) 20
  I’m interested in copper cathode / copper scrap with wholesale price. 99.99% Purity I have a requirement for 5000MT (Trial Order) Destination: Kandl
[KR] SM(Styrene monomer) (4-17) 20
  I want to SM Market of china. and know the price and anything about sm
[IN] 3m sand paper (4-17) 20
  Hi, I’m interested in your product water proof or dry sanding paper abrasive paper abrasive cloth sand paper, I would like some more details. I look
[PH] stripe bedding set (4-17) 20
  Hi, We're looking for a long time supplier. Stripes Design Hotel Bed Sheets type suddenly became viral here in the Philippines. We need a set FLAT
[PK] Body Parts (4-16) 20
  I need all China light diesel trucks body and engine parts
[DE] steering pump (4-16) 20
  Looking for steering pump Ford Transit Number: 1660614 Ford Transit 1991/5 Shipping to Germany. Thanks Roman.
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