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[VN] PA66 High toughness (11-13) 20
  Dear Supplier, We are a trading company based in Vietnam. We are interested in your PA66 High toughness,wearproof nylon for Skates base, I produce
[UZ] BOPP granular (11-13) 20
  i need BOPP granular, canYou send me oplease name of the category in which category i can find?
[JP] Paper Making Set (11-13) 20
  Dear Sir: This is Louis from Japan We ordered Paper Making Set in your company years ago. We like to send our inquiry for this order again.Can you
[IN] anthracite coal (11-13) 20
  Dear Sir We have regular requirement for anthracite coal and low sulphur pet coke for our calcinations plant So we are request you to sent your all
[BR] Scrap Aluminum, Copper Scrap, Brass Scrap (11-13) 20
  ear Sirs Our company is interested in buying large quantities of Scrap Aluminum, Copper Scrap, Brass Scrap, Bronze Scrap, Scrap stainless, Copper Cat
[UA] cathode copper (11-13) 20
  Dear friends. Our firm is interested in buying copper cathode and zinc in ingots. Requirements: 99.97 - 99.99. Quantity from 1000 metric tons to 5000
[UK] safety matches (11-13) 20
  Hello Seller, We are a trading company based in United Kingdom Our company is interested to order High Quality Safety Windproof&Waterproof Match. Ini
[MX] Piston Gas Spring (11-13) 20
  Our web page is We are the only company in Mexico that produces rifles andthe number one in Latin america. Our
[RU] request PP, HDPE, GPP (11-13) 20
  Dear Sirs, We will need PP J 801 (medical grade) in quantity 4-6 containers/year. I also would like to know if you have following medical grade p
[PH] Gold Nugget and Gold Bars (11-13) 20
  I would like to know if its able to send here in philippines cash on delivery, ill be the one to pay shipping 100% when the gold was arrived here in p
[US] cast iron stove (11-13) 20
  Hi how are you, It is nice to write to you. This is John Schoolcraft from United States of America. I am interested in placing your Cast Iron Wood S
[ES] female condoms (11-13) 20
  We are a company from Spain and we want to know more about your female condoms and if you have already European distributor or branch fron whose we co
[MM] top-up vending machine (11-13) 20
  By way of introduction, one of the founder of achromex digital solutions. We are tech-based start up, providing enterprise solutions to corporates. We
[US] Ascorbic Acid (11-13) 20
  we want to purchase 2X20FCL of Ascorbic Acid. please note our payment is 100% O/A (Open Account) 60days from date of b/l. If you agree then i can fo
[UZ] PP FOR BOPP films (11-13) 20
  Dear Sir/Madam, My name is Nazokat. I'm marketing manager of the LLC Finest-Invest Group. Our company want to purchase BOPP granular, for productio
[IN] Hemoglobin SpHb Noninvasive Tester (11-13) 20
  Hi, I am looking at a non invasive tester to test Hemoglobin levels of a patient. I do not want to use the traditional Blood test strips. Regard
[IN] EPS Raw Material (11-10) 20
  We need EPS Raw Material on regular basis in bulk.
[CA] need Red adzuki mung bean (11-9) 20
  buy Red adzuki mung bean glutinous rice peanut paprika Sunflower seeds pumpkin seed peppers mushrooms from china.
[JP] wood hanger, manequin, plastic bag, paper bag (11-8) 20
  we need not only net bag, but also wood hanger, manequin, plastic bag, paper bag, are they also avaialble?
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