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[EC] SPOT WELDING single side gun

  We are manufacturers of bus bodies. We require a spot welding solution to weld on side panel (galvanized steel t = 0.7-1.2mm) to the structure (50x2mm carbon steel square tube). The solution must be with the application of the electrode from only one side since there is no access to C type gun. We have tried other solutions used to repair the auto body (such as TECNA Item 3650-3655 25kVA @ 50% + Item 3581 - Water cooled single side gun, see ht tp:// w ww. however power is not enough to our application and the power dissipates in the panel and structure and the results are deficient. We require an adequate solution for our application. Our available voltage is 220V 3PH, 60Hz
Our duty cycle estimated that it will be 20 spots / min
We appreciate your prompt response

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