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[EC] Rope climbing nets

  Dear Sir/Madam,
This is Javier from ECUADOR.
It is required to acquire "Rope climbing net" for playground with the following conditions:
1) The planes sent are referential. However, try to match the required dimensions and shapes as much as possible.
2) The rope of the nets must be &|248;20mm, 6 stranded, with a steel core. PA material, UV resistant. Any color (red, green, yellow or other)
3) The "rope climbing nets" must come completely assembled. They must include ALL the necessary connectors or parts. They must be sent ready to install in the park.
4) The "rope climbing nets" must be assembled in origin (China) and dispatched by AIR to Ecuador.
5) The main steel structure or main frame will be manufactured locally in Ecuador. The supplier must provide drawings in CAD or Solidworks format to be able to manufacture the main structure locally.
7) The desired date of dispatch of the "rope climbing net" is 02-May-2019.
The quantities required are:
Item 1 = 1 set
Item 2 = 1 set
Item 3 = 3 sets
Depending on the supplier's results, we plan to make large purchases during 2019.
Any questions or concerns can be made to the. Consider that we have 13h of jet lag and it is preferable to communicate in the early hours of the day or in the afternoon / evening of you.

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