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[IR] calf rawhide, cow rawhide, cow skin, cattle rawhid

  To whom it may concerns,

We are planning to import 500 MT of bovine rawhide to Iran as a trial order and continue our business with the best supplier. Meanwhile, we would prefer (not essential) to work with companies which will be interested in our semi-final leather products and final products like shoes, bags and etc. Here you can find our desirable specifications for the first order.

Raw Hide Specifications:

? Male and female calf (has hadn't baby) up to 18 Kg
? Male cattle 25 up to 30 Kg
? Female cattle 27 Kg

General Specifications

? No horse hides, mule hides or hides from other animals
? No hides fragments (Head, leg and other remnants)
? No defective hides

Please provide followings in your quotation

? Details of products and E-catalog
? Warranty terms and conditions
? Standard Certificates
? HS code

We would be happy if you send us your product details and we are looking forward to hearing from you as soon as you get the chance.

Quantity : 500 MT

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