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[US] Custom Cardboard Packaging

  Dear Sir/Madam
My name is Edon Freiner and I am the owner of Guento Airus, a company specializing in products for men's fashion accessories. We are currently looking for a company to manufacture our packaging for various products that we are looking launch. We will start with 2,000 units just this time to check the quality. If we like it will surely order more. This is just for one of the product we currently have. We are looking to start a few more products in the coming months and will surly come back to you if you are good.
We are looking for an item similar to the image attached.
The specs are as follows:
Must have white sleeve
70x70x17mm (with the white sleeve)
Must be able to hold 3 tie clips
Must be 1000gsm cardboard or higher
5 logos, 2 on the box 2 on the sleeve + one barcode printed.
Must have microfiber inside and where the tie clips are being held.
Must have a tab to pull and open the top cover.
Could you please provide me with the following additional information so that we can determine if this is a good fit for our product line?
We would like to know:
We would like to know the HTS code for taxes.
What is the price per unit including custom packaging
Please give us the prices for the following MOQs
100 to 1000 pcs:
1001 to 3000 pcs:
3001 to 5000 pcs:
5001 to 8000 pcs:
8001 to 12000 pcs
12,000 and higher
Also, for estimating our shipping costs, can you please tell me the following:
How many items usually come in a case?
What are the dimensions of each case in cubic meters and kilograms?
How much it would be by air and sea and the time they both take.
Our address is 28 Queens Ct Lakewood NJ 08701 USA
Here is my email: GuentoAirus@
I WILL NOT ANSWERS VIA ALIBABA so please copy and paste your answers to our questions and send your responses via email.
I appreciate your time and look forward to hearing from you soon so that we can move forward with our next order. We do thousands of dollars in sales via Amazon and we would love to do a long term business with you.
We currently are paying .35 cents for these boxes and we are looking to get a much cheaper price. Please do not contact us if you cannot do a lower price.
Please let me know if you have any other questions.
Edon, CEO of Guento Airus

Quantity : 2000
Price: .35

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