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[SG] Pencil with customised Cap

  Looking for the following item:

Pencil with Customised Cap
Pencil: Wooden type
Size: 3.5 inch or normal length
Printing: 2 col logo, 1 position

Customised Cap
Material: Plastic
Size: approx. H35mm – 40mm, W30mm (size proposal is open to suggestion)
Colour : 1C Green

Quantity: 3,000 sets
Price: ??
Production Leadtime: ??
Sample Charges: ??
Sample Leadtime: ??

Box: Please propose and quote as optional item.

Must be able to produce both pencil and cap together as a set.

Please quote and email to anniekoh(at)Olympia-diary(dot)com(dot)sg

You may reach me at below contact if you need further clarification.
Skype : anniekoh_2
Wechat: odsanniekoh

Thank you.

Quantity : 3000

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