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[VN] Pill Crusher Cutter Pill Box

  Dear Sir/Madam,
I'm looking for "Pill Crusher Cutter Pill Box" with the following specifications:
Optical grade polycarbonate
Contoured design with overmold for comfort. Fits comfortably in your pocket or purse.
Flexible V-shape holder grips all size pills firmly for accurate cutting of most pill shapes and sizes
Cut pills in half to make swallowing easier
Includes Blade Guard for added safety
Product description
This pill cutter is safe and durable. Made to fit in your pocket or purse and includes a handy storage compartment for your pills. Taking large pills is a snap when you can cut pills into smaller more easy to swallow pieces.
Industrial Use : Pharmaceutical
Material : Plastic
Does your company have this item? I would like to order in bulk for you give me the price and the most reasonable shipment method and can help me to paste carefully labeled packaging. contact me:
Thank you for your time

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