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[BR] raw materials (Copper,Tin,Aluminum)


We are a trading company of import and export of ingots of raw materials.

We are looking for the best USD prices for initial purchase quantities of 100 tons of each of the following products:

Copper 99.99%

Tin 99.99%

Aluminum 99.97% and 99.99%

Nikel of 99.99%

Brass of 99.99%

Bronze of 99.99%

Zamak # 5

Lead 99.99%

Pure zinc 99.99%

We would like you to send us photos of the material, chemical composition sheet ( COA ), FOB price in USD in the port of your shipment and the location of your company for future visit when the business is completed.

Our conditions: payment will be made with the confirmation of the containerized cargo by our staff at the port of shipment

We will only consider your proposals that have all the elements requested above.

Quantity :

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