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[US] small steel rectangular tubing

  Dear Sir/Madam,
I'm looking for steel rectangular tubing. This tubing will be used for patio umbrellas. Each umbrella has 8 struts for holding up the cloth canopy. Each strut consists of one 54" long strut and one 20" long steel struts. The 54" measurement is important because the length limit for shipping in the US is 108", twice the length of the long strut.
The tubing is about 1/2" (12.2mm to 13.8mm) by 3/4" (18.2mm to 19.8mm). The wall thickness is 0.03" (0.78mm)
These specifications do not have to be exact.
I am hoping to find a supplier who is already making this tubing for patio furniture.
I would like it to be anodized in black. If not black, dark brown.
I would also like to have a sample before ordering a large quantity.
Thank You very much,

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