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  Hello Sir,
We respond to your advertisement mail thru courtesy of the,and we have understand you very well and we are very interseted to do business with you,as a result,we now introduce our selves as follows;-

For your information,we are one of the best and leading importers and buyers of ENERGY SAVING BULB and others in Nigeria and we have esterblished for the past twenty five years and people are comming to buy from us from all parts of the West-African Countries both Ghana and other neighbouring Countries as our office is situated at the CENTRAL BUSINESS DISTRICT OF LAGOS ISLAND called IDUMOTA and we are ready to act as your sole agents and representatives in Nigeria provided you can give the chance the opportunity.

In other to facilitates an immidiates movements,we shall like to have your lowest offer, catalouges,quotations and others for our approvals and please all offers to read CNF USDOLLAR by OCEAN VESSEL thru COTONU PORT,REP OF BENIN and upon receipt,we will not hesitate to book our trial order as most of our orders are always on 2x40ft COTAINER per one shipment,and also please let us know if you do have any STOCK LOTS for these ENERGY SAVING BULB or LOTUS ENERGY SAVING BULB so that we may also request for some trial shipment .

The above are the idea of our trial order and if possible let us have a p/invoice and sales confirmation for our acceptance and signature and also let us know the deliveryand shipment period .

Thanking you and we are looking forward to your favourable responds,thanks and best regard.


Quantity : 20000
Price: 2

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 7-27Hongkong p&j international limited

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