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[CN] Bed Topper with Pulsing Tech

  Just like an electric blanket but with pulsing technology and hand held control remote.
1,temper type memory foam topper
2,2 foam levels/layers: bottom one solid while Topper one softer
3,about a dinner plate size at rectangle shape
4, Hand held battery operated devices to manage the pulses.
5, The system should be able to produce 10HZ (1000 gauss) which = 1 micro Tesla. Run for 8 hrs then auto switch off.
6,various modes for sports type healing selectable and available
7,different body parts can be targeted individually via control device operation, for example, to heal the knee 20 mins
8,preferable if the machine can be controlled via a phone app as well.
Plz once you hv any relevant images and catalogue plz send it to my attn Whymon Huang, tks or alternatively you can talk with me via trademanager but my response will be slightly longer :-)

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