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[PK] stair chair lift

  I would like to introduce our company AHMAD MEDIX PVT.Ltd that has been in business since 20 years in Pakistan. we are Manufacturing international standard of


Mobile clinic

Fire Fighting Vehicle

Rescue Vehicle

First responder emergency Bike

Fire Fighting Bikes

Polices Bikes

Luxury Travel & Motor Homes

We are one of the largest company for manufacturing of specialised vehicle with an excellent track record of best customer satisfaction.The purpose of my contact is Our CEO DR. SOHAIL MUKHTAR AHMAD Know Start marketing in pakistan, we are supply stairlifts in homes and Hospital. We need Quote of the following Stairlifts,

Straight stairlift

Curved Stairlifts

Outdoor stairlifts

Recondition Stairlifts

Please send us the price to processed further start working with you . We look forward to have a wonderful working relationship together and success for all concerned.

For Further detail Please Visit Our Website.

Best Regards,

Quantity : 1 sample order
Price: 10000

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