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[BD] PCB development materials

  Hello i need following item
1.FR4 Double Sided PCB with 35 micrometer layer---------10inchX12 inch-------------------20nos
2.FR4 Single Sided PCB with 35 micrometer layer---------10inchX12 inch-------------------40nos
3.Photoresist dry film: Blue: 40um thickness-----------------------100 roll (roll size: 30cm*5m)
4.Photoresist dry film:Blue: 70um thickness----------------------50 roll(roll size: 30cm*5m)
5.Photoresist dry film:Green: 70um Thickness----------------------50 roll(roll size: 30cm*5m)
please quote me

Quantity :

quotes log
 2-15Hefei desent business trade company ltd
 8-23Running Technology Limited
 8-22ShenzhenChaoShengElectronicTechnology Co., Ltd
 8-20Hascend Electronic (HK) Limited
 8-15Shenzhen Bora PCB Co., Ltd.

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