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[AE] Ink for cable printing

  Thanks for your email. Indeed we are interested in Ink for cable printing as follow:

We are looking for gravure contact wheel printing ink to print on electrical wire & cable of PVC, PE, XLPE or HFFR material surface.

Printing done by engraved print wheels in contact with the running cable on line (hot surface ± 160 ℃) or off line (ambient temperature).

Ink is fast drying with different cable speeds.

Viscosity control may be available or not depending on the printer.

Colors required (mainly): Black, White & thinner

Please quote EXW price

Standard packing (for export)

Data Sheet & MSDS.

Market: GCC countries


Dear friend,

Wish you and your family all the best.
I need ink.
Usually this ink is methylethylketon. MEK inks offer reliable and consistent marking on most surfaces and coatings. They evaporate fastly and have a high content of solid matter. Furthermore they print with exceptional dot sharpness and readability. They are mainly used for plastic, metal and ceramics.
If you have this kind of ink which is suitable for our wheel printing method, please contact me at any time. My email address and phone number is

Thank you so much.
Best Regards,
Yours Hayg

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