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[LB] Malic acid

  I am Carla Kanaan the R&D food Technologist of Food Processing and Packaging SAL. We manufacture Syrups and Molasses along with several other products.

I would like to ask you for a quotation of 2 tons of Malic acid and 2 tons of Fumaric acid shipped by plane Beirut or CNF Beirut Port

Kindly note that we need the below documents for us to be able to ship the products to Lebanon:

1- COA

2- Free sale certificate stamped from a legal and authorized side

3- Export statement (paper issued from the company explains in which countries are the products are sold)

4- INS declaration

5- Manufacture’s certificate

6- ISO 22000/ FSSC 22000

7- Safety data sheet (MSDS)

8- Technical data sheet (product specification)

9- Bill of lading

10- Health certificate

11- Invoice

12- Packing list

13- Certificate of origin

Quantity :

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