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[VN] Hydraulic Motor

  Ref : Piston Hidraulic Motor (L6V 125 HD1DFZ 20630)
1-Price completed of Piston Hidraulic Motor (L6V 125 HD1DFZ 20630) ?
2-Price for hidraulic parts asf :
-Valve plate
-Cylinder block
-Piston & slipper ( dia 28.5mm )
-Shoe Plate ??? ( see pic on att n confirm name plate)

Ref : Hydraulic vane pump YUKEN PV2R2-65-F-RAA-41C and PV2R3-76-F-RAA-41C and S-PV2R3-125-F-RAA-35T
1-Price completed for each pump ?
2-Price Cartridge kit of each pump ?

Pls check n advs price


Quantity : 2

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 7-25Shenyang Xinyisheng Auto Parts Co., Ltd.

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