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[NG] Tyre manufacturing

  As you may know my company is sourcing for partnership for a Tyre manufacturing company that can be interested to set up a manufacturing units inside their existing motor manufacturing factory in Nigeria .

The motor factory has an order to manufacture 7,000 units of trucks to Dangote group of comapines and also the state government of Nigeria as well .
Presently most of their parts are been shipped which Tyre alone takes most of the space and as such they are looking at sourcing for an investor that will be willing to be producing Tyre locally here in Nigeria whereby an order will be placed by the company for Tyre supply as well as been produced here in Nigeria .
Also most of the by products of Tyre productions can be sourced locally here since some states has rubber plantations in abundance .
Kindly see if this opportunity is what your company can be interested in .

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