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[CG] standard rice

  I have received your email, thank you for your response.

I am communicating with you directly from the middle of the war in Kivu. North Kivu is a province in the Lake Kivu, eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, and its capital is Goma.

We shall nominate you as our food contractor to the Congolese Revolutionary Army, and work with you until the liberation of Nord Kivu is achieved.

My objective of contacting you is for you to become our consistent food supplier oversea (someone that can take charge to supply rice to our communities in Nord Kivu).

Kindly send to us a comprehensive quotation for your quality standard rice. We will like to purchase 50,000 Tons and our packaging should be bulk including the cost of full shipping to Kenya-Mombasa sea port.

We shall also instruct our bank to wire the funds for the contract to your nominated bank oversea, before the food supply.

Your prompt responses will be highly appreciated.

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