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[NO] wood splitter kindle cracker

  This is Dr Edvard Foshaugen from Scandinavia I'm looking for products with the following specifications: Kindle Cracker see /products/kindling-cracker-au On the web page product dimensions etc can be found. What I am keen on is finding a manufacturer who can design and manufacture a similar product. Something similar to the kindle cracker will do. The kindle cracker is way to expensive and does not sell well in Scandinavia as an axe can be bought for 5 US dollars. That is the market I want to take. I want to attack the axe market so need a product that can work like the kindle cracker but want it to retail for premium axe price. Then with my supplier I can wipe the market as almost every house has a fireplace. Huge potential if someone can supply me at right prices. right price.

One idea is to design it as a bolt together product - sent as a flat pack - something similar to the one photo. This will take less space in retail shops and make freight costs a lot less. HOWEVER - I want nothing cheap and flimsy. final product must be tough and be robust enough to split to kindle a minimum of 3000 logs each year.

I would insist on a sample before any orders placed - I must see and test the prototype. Market potential - many many tens of thousands. So - please thing about 3 product versions
1. Similar to kindle cracker - one solid cast.
2. My preference- Flat pack bolted version of kindle cracker.
3. splitting axe head mounted on a flat metal base. I am very open to partnership deals with a supplier who wants to think big. So email me at ekfoshaugen ekfoshaugen at gmail dot com
Need prices landed at Konvallveien 7, Nedenes, 4823, Norway - samples can also be sent to this address.

Quantity : 10000

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